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The mission of Academic Connections is to work with students to help develop them as thinkers, learners and leaders which will take them beyond success in the classroom.

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Speaker Bio

Donna Duffy
Donna Duffy, Speaker
Co-owner and Educational Consultant
Academic Connections Tutoring

Donna Duffy has worked in the field of education for over 20 years and lived in the Middle East for almost two decades. During her time in Israel, she had the privilege of living among both the Israelis and Palestinians. Her three children were born and raised in a small close-knit Arab neighborhood in Nazareth, where in their early years, Donna home schooled them. Later she started a school in Nazareth for Arab-American children which her own children attended as well. The school, Bridging the Gap, continues to grow and is now in its fourteenth year.

As a mother of young children she was active in her neighborhood implementing community summer camps, art projects, a library for the children, as well as an exercise group for moms. It was her life in that neighborhood that helped to shape her thinking and values regarding community and “bridge building.”

Upon returning to the US in 2002, Donna worked as a tutor and education director in a private tutoring center. In 2006, she and her business partner, Pat Howes, started ACADEMIC CONNECTIONS TUTORING.

It was during her homeschooling years that she developed and utilized the strategies for encouraging young learners to embrace their learning style and to develop a love of learning that she continues to use and teach to this day. It is embodied in our T.H.I.N.K. and Grow Smart Blueprint TM which is the basis of our philosophy and which our tutors utilize in their sessions.

Donna regularly writes education articles that can be found in Ezine Articles; is an educational consultant for parents; conducts parent and student workshops for a local high school dealing with numerous educational topics that affect students today.

Along with her educational expertise, Donna is an entrepreneur at heart. She consistently seeks to encourage and empower students to develop their unique gifts and abilities that will enable them to succeed in the vocational arena. To that end, she and her business partner also co-own and operate 3E Marketing Solutions educating, equipping and encouraging small business owners with affordable marketing solutions and strategies.

Speaking Style:

Donna has a warm and engaging, interactive and encouraging style that helps the audience connect with her, allowing them to gather not only great content, but also to be motivated toward transformational change. She always delivers much more than what you expect! To have Donna come and speak to your parents, teachers or students, see the information below. In addition, she is also available to address other educational topics.

Speaking Topics for Workshops, Conferences, Teleseminars

  1. Creative and Confident Learners and Leaders

    Our children have come to look for easy answers and a quick-fix approach, not only to their school work, but life situations as well. Helping our kids develop as thinkers is one of the greatest gifts we can give them. If they can think and learn then they can succeed. They will be able to not only make their way in the world but make their mark on the world. During this workshop we will look at 7 ways to help them develop as thinkers.

  2. 5 Success Strategies for Tackling Academic Challenges

    Although your child may be doing all the right things, you find they still may be challenged in a specific subject area or with organizational skills. In this workshop we will look at 5 tips to help your child understand where they are having difficulty and practical ways to help them move past there.

  3. Let’s Get Digital - Building Bridges to Your Gen Y Kids

    Do you have kids like mine who can text and IM their friends at warp speed and in a “foreign” language? Most of our kids are techno savvy and cyber literate and we’re still racing to keep up. Understanding how our kids think and learn is essential if we are to build bridges to them in this "Jetson" age in which we live.

    In this workshop we will explore ways we can use the world of technology to our advantage and build bridges to our Gen Y kids. Learning to speak their language will not only strengthen the connection we share with them but will better equip us for life in the 21st century and in the end we may find that they have been trying to build bridges to us all along.

  4. 10 Tips to Help Your Child Think, Learn, and Succeed

    In this workshop we will highlight 10 tips for you to help your child think, learn and succeed. A worksheet will be given to each participant that can be used to help you better understand where your child is and how you can help them grow as a thinker and learner.

  5. Casting Vision for Your Child’s Future

    This session is designed to help you encourage and guide your child as they are making decisions for their future. Helping your child consider all of their options can be challenging to say the least. Whether your child is heading to college or directly into the workforce, it’s important that we help them be confident in their own giftedness and strengths; their individual learning style; as well as their preferences and interests. We will talk about how to develop life your child as a lifelong learner, and the importance of staying connected to a support team, to assist them to stay encouraged and on track toward lifelong success.

  6. Organization – "In/Out/Time/Stuff"

    For many students organization can be a major obstacle to academic and lifelong success. A student may be very bright and yet have a difficult time when it comes to organizing the information that they take in during the day; giving out what they have taken in; keeping track of their time; or knowing where all the things they are when they need them. Helping your child in the area of organization can be very challenging. This workshop is designed give you practical ways to help you to help them become more organized.

  7. Summer’s More Than a Day at the Beach

    We know that the time away from school enjoying the lazy, hazy days of summer often become an academic dead zone for our kids. Not being actively involved in studies often means the skills that took months to acquire can be lost over the summer break. Summer learning loss or losing the academic edge — certainly no parent wants that to be part of his or her child’s summer. Join us as we look at ways to help your kids avoid the loss that can occur during their summer vacation!


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