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Academic Connections Tutoring
Mission and Philosophy of Education

Developing Confident and Creative Thinkers, Learners and Leaders

Tutoring for children More than just good grades—that’s what most parents want for their kids. As much as you want to see A’s on your child’s report card, you want to know that they have actually learned what it is they need to succeed in the classroom and in life!

Sadly, many students struggle with academic challenges like motivation, organizational overwhelm, subject struggle and peer pressure. All of these and more are hurdles that kids need to clear just to be able to focus on their course work while in school.

When they get home and need to put their hands and head to projects, assignments and homework, they may face other challenges like forgetfulness or lack of comprehension so they’re not sure what to do to be prepared for school the next day. They may not be able to recall what they were taught that day because it was delivered in a style other than the way they truly learn.

We have found that in general students grapple in five key areas:

  1. Subject Struggle
  2. Lack of Motivation
  3. Organizational Overwhelm
  4. Learning Gaps
  5. The 4 C’s:
    • Concentration
    • Comprehension
    • Communication
    • Confidence

Using our T.H.I.N.K. and Grow Smart BlueprintTM we work with students to help develop them as thinkers, learners and leaders which will take them beyond success in the classroom alone.

Our proven system helps achieve academic success by:

Tackling your child’s academic challenges using our 5 Success Strategies

Honing in on your child’s strengths, skills, talents and gifts that encourage and help build confidence

Investigating and implementing your child’s learning styles and approach

Notifying and working with key team players in your child’s support team

Kicking into action and working with your child until he/she is walking with confidence and comprehension

Our professional, degreed and experienced tutors provide:

  • Individualized, customized and tailored tutoring that is geared to your child's specific needs, learning style, curriculum and areas of challenge one-on-one in-home and/or online.
  • Sessions are paced to suit the need at hand and then move on to the next concept after the current one is tackled and comprehended.
  • Strategies and skills that your child will be able to use immediately in the classroom. Critical thinking skills, organizational skills and study skills are some of the most foundational a child will need throughout the school years. It is currently said that too many children are ill-equipped with these necessary skills. It builds a strong base of knowledge as well as self-confidence that will benefit your child for years to come.
  • Drawing out the potential within your child is a key component to success and prepares kids for what lies ahead.

Tapping the potential and possibility that lies within each child, we strive to help them embrace their learning mojo, which is their unique learning style and approach. As they begin to realize their capabilities, they gain the confidence to find their own voice and make their own distinctive contributions to the world.

We truly believe that each child’s role is significant. Helping our students understand the place they hold, even if they are only 5 years old, sets in motion the sense that they have an integral part to play; ways in which they can serve the world with their gifts and talents.

By providing one on one tutoring, our students have the opportunity to interact exclusively with their instructor and express their needs, challenges and hindrances to learning with a system and solution in place to help them succeed.







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