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Parent Resources

Tutoring for children When it comes to getting educational help for our kids, it can be difficult to know which resources will best serve their current academic needs and challenges. Sometimes, we may want to have extra materials for enrichment, enhancement or re-teaching.

The short list below will help you jump start your search for educational resources. It’s by no means exhaustive — surely, you could probably add many books to the list. I found that many of these resources came in handy as I taught my own kids, ran the school in Nazareth and tutored when I returned to the US.

If you have books, materials and websites that you would like to have us add to the list here, then send me an email and we’ll include them when we update our resource pages.


Learning Styles and Strengths:

  • The Way they Learn Cynthia Tobias
  • Unlocking your Child’s Learning Potential Cheri Fuller
  • Your Child’s Strengths: Discover Them, Develop Them, Use Them Jenifer Fox M.Ed.
  • Core Knowledge Series –What your _______ grader needs to know E.D. Hirsch


1. Online Interactive Educational Sites:

2. Board Games:

  • You've Been Sentenced! A sentence building
  • Brain Quest Games
  • Monopoly, Scrabble, Boggle, Life?these board games have stood the test of time and help build skills in areas such as of money, following directions and sequencing.

Special Needs and Learning Issues

1. Myth of Laziness Mel Levine


1. For the kids:

  • Family Fun
  • Highlights
  • Zoo Books

2. For Mom:

  • Everyday Food
  • Everyday with Rachel Ray
  • Once a Month Cooking







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