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Online Tutoring

When you start tutoring online with Academic Connections
YOU can expect to:

  • Set your own tutoring schedule
  • Communicate with other tutors within in an online community
  • Have access to “cutting edge” technology
  • Be given the opportunity to start your own tutoring online business, complete with set up and marketing help
  • Have access to exclusive parent inquiries regarding online tutoring
  • Be trained by online tutoring experts who will help your business grow and succeed

Tutoring for children

Has ACT changed their philosophy of 1-on-1 tutoring?

NO. However, in an effort to meet the needs of more students, ACT has partnered with Scott Palat, CEO of TutorFi to give our tutors the opportunity to tutor students online, as well as our regular 1-on-1 in the home. Scott has developed TutorFi with tutors like you in mind based on the simple principle, “Let tutors teach as they see fit while accessing the most advanced learning tools online.” By combining our personalized client care and TutorFi’s equipment and software, this business model allows our tutors the opportunity to profit with virtually no limits! As always, ACT tutors can continue to tutor 1-on-1 in the home.

How does online tutoring work?

With our online tutoring there's no software for you to set up and no equipment for you to buy and or maintain. Through TutorFi every technical aspect is taken care of within their system. It's all on their dedicated servers and maintained by their software engineers. That means you don't have to worry about any of it! It really is simple. All you have to do is login and start tutoring.

This means you can now tutor from anywhere!

Your bedroom
The local coffee house
While on vacation across town, across the nation or across the world

We Created This Opportunity With You In Mind!
So How Can this Benefit YOU?

NOW our ACT tutors have two options available to them so that they can offer students the additional educational help and tutoring that they need.

Option 1: Tutor Referral -

ACT finds students that need tutoring and we match them with our tutors. The tutor then meets the student 1-on-1 in their home or mutually agreed upon place OR tutors them online. ACT will do all the marketing; make the initial contact with the family, collect all payments from the client and pay the tutor bi-monthly.

Option 2: Start Your Own Small Tutoring Business -

For tutors who want to start their own online tutoring business, we will help you get started! ACT, along with TutorFi will set you up with your own online tutoring system. We will help you market your tutoring business; provide sites where you can find students, and offer ACT students when they match your particular area of expertise. When you tutor on your own, you set the fee, the system collects the tuition in advance via a credit card and it will go into your account.

Why Tutor Online
How Can It Benefit Your Students?

Today students are stimulated in an entirely different way than we were at their age. To them books are considered antiquated and reading is only something that you do with text messages on cell phones or emails.

According to a recent report by the NEA on our nation’s literacy there has been a decline in young readers. “Scores for reading proficiency have fallen among high school seniors between 1992-2005, reports the Department of Education,” a finding repeated in the recent NEA report.

Experts say that children retain only 20% of what they read in a book. So even with the students who do read, many are not “getting it.” However, statistics indicate that figure can jump to 50% retention, if they see it on a computer screen, video game or TV.

This is what teachers and private tutors have been trying to do all along, and it puts those who tutor online in a great position.

Our online system that we use in conjunction with TutorFi is an interactive, sight and sound approach that works like nothing else. It can speak to the student in the medium that he is accustomed and it is has the ability to stimulate his learning process, thus enabling learning to take place. This is what makes our system so unique -- so perfect. The greatest part of the battle is won!

Donna’s interview with Scott Palat, CEO of TutorFi








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