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Online Tutoring

Tutoring for children

Does this describe your child?

  • Is able to text message and IM a friend at warp speed
  • Owns or has access to a cell phone, PC or laptop
  • Is struggling in areas of organization and time management
  • Is finding one or more subjects at school a challenge

If any of the above statements match your child then online tutoring may be a great fit for you.

Academic Connections Tutoring has teamed up with Scott Palat of TutorFi and we are now able to offer our online tutoring to our clients. Over the past several years, TutorFi has done an amazing job of working with students online assisting them with homework, assignments and projects.

So what does that mean for you? Here are some questions we’ve had that might reflect your own thoughts...

Q.   Will online tutoring be as effective as in person tutoring?
A.   Academic Connections offers online and in person tutoring. Some students may need one rather than the other, while other students may benefit from a combination of both.

Q.   How will I know which approach is best for my child?
A.   No one knows your child better that you do. The best way for us to assess whether online, in person or a combination is best for you is to do our usual in home consultation. We can answer your questions, show you a demo, and given your child’s learning style and approach, help you determine the best way forward.

Q.   What about the set up—is there extra equipment to buy and fees to pay?
A.   The set up of your virtual classroom is free. Your child will need to have access to a computer with a microphone. And that’s it—as long as they have their schoolwork and assignments—the session can begin!

Q.   What if we get started and don’t like it or it doesn’t fit my child? What if I need more hours or less hours—how flexible is everything?
A.   As with our in person, in home tutoring Academic Connections has no long-term contracts with our clients. Therefore, you can decide whether to continue tutoring online, switch to in home tutoring, change tutors, as well as add or reduce hours.

We trust these questions and answers give you a better understanding of our online tutoring option. Need more clarification, still have concerns and questions...don’t hesitate to call us at 302-383-3294 or email and Donna Duffy will help you navigate your way.

A note from Donna:

"I am currently tutoring a homeschool student using our online option. She lives two hours away from me. We meet 4 mornings a week for one hour and are working on English/Language Arts. In talking with her recently, we both agreed that the time goes by quickly but we get so much done in that hour.

I do meet with her a few hours a month to go over assignments and projects, but the ongoing; online tutoring is our main mode of connection. We pick up everyday right where we left off.

Having tutored and taught many students through the years, I am looking forward to virtually helping many students in the months and years to come through online tutoring. I just love it!!

I’m so grateful to Scott Palat from TutorFi for enabling us to have access to these great teaching tools to better serve our students and help them achieve academic success."

Here’s what you will receive:

Virtual Chalkboard...your child can write out any question, problem or thought. Colors, shapes and symbols are easy to draw.

1 on 1 Tutoring...we'll match your child with the perfect tutor.

Voice Capability...your child will speak directly through your computer and your tutor will speak back just like a phone.

Text's just like instant messenger, except the chat resides inside your own private online classroom.

Free Phone Consultations...with your own private tutor who will take the time to care.

Free Straight A Strategy EBook...teaches secret techniques guaranteed to boost your child's grades.

Free Self Study Skills Evaluation & Review...your tutor will review this guide with your child.

These excellent educational tools are valued at $296 but are available to you for no additional charge.

The Upside of Online

Beyond the benefits that it brings to the family in time, affordability and convenience, online tutoring brings many advantages to the student as well. In-home tutoring is a great plus because it allows you to stay at home while tutor comes to you—so why online tutoring?

Check out these tips to help you decide whether online tutoring is the best fit for you and your child:

Benefits for the family:

  • Convenience   By having your child log on to the computer at pre-arranged times; tutoring and homework assistance can take place before you even get home from work. If your child is able to log on to a computer, then they can certainly get their own session up and running.

  • Affordability   Since the student isn’t going anywhere and the tutor isn’t going anywhere but to their respective computers, the cost per hour is greatly reduced. Some families may have more than one child that needs tutoring assistance or a child may have challenges in more than one subject area. Academic Connections offers several options for online tutoring from just a few hours a month to up to 16 hours a month for more than one child and more than one subject.

Benefits for the student:

  • Responsibility   Each student can check out their tutor’s schedule and choose the hours that best fit their week. This gives them a better handle on their own time management as they keep track of appointments and assignments they may have in the coming weeks.

  • Customizable   Your child will receive customized sessions that are tailored to assist with current assignments, projects, and homework. Your child will have the opportunity to work on concepts that may need extra attention or re-teaching.

  • Interactive   Students can ask questions and the tutor can respond by showing samples on the whiteboard as well as explaining everything via the microphone. They can print out pages for further review and study once the session is over.







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