Three Cheers for our Tutors–Celebrating their Expertise and Excellence

It’s National Tutoring Week and a great time of year to celebrate our amazing tutors at Academic Connections!  These dedicated instructors bring their knowledge, influence, care and concern to kitchen tables throughout Delaware as they sit across from students and help them with academic comprehension and confidence. Without them, we’d have to close our doors but with them, we partner to help develop kids as critical and creative thinkers and eager learners.


Hats off to our awesome tutoring team!! Each goes above and beyond to deliver tailored, customized tutoring services to our students using their school curriculum and working within their learning style and approach.


To all the students who have turned a corner because of you, we salute you!  To all of those students who have yet to meet and work with you, we know that when the phone rings, you’ll step up and help meet whatever challenges they face until you see them through to success!!  We celebrate your expertise and excellence and thank you for being a part of our team!!


So grateful for you–

Pat and Donna

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