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Graphic Organizers-3 tips to help make sense of it all

Graphic Organizers

At times the amount of school work our kids receive seems overwhelming to them.  They may have more than one subject that they find challenging and they may feel like they’re climbing Everest.  Enter graphic organizers–these wonderful charts and visuals offer assistance and help kids make sense of the mountain of work in front of them.  Here are few helpful tips you can use during homework tonight!

  1. Choose the organizer best for the job.  Are they trying to brainstorm ideas for a story, remember as many facts as possible for a report or test, generate a plan for a project?  Then you’ll want my favorite–the concept web.  To remember a list of dates and events, draw a timeline.  Do you have to compare and contrast?  Use a Venn diagram or a T-graph.
  2. Help them see the big picture first.  By putting information out in front of your child they have the benefit of an at-a-glance, aerial view which helps jog their memories and clear their heads.  They may remember things as they go and they can fill in the blanks as things come to mind.
  3. Fill in the details.  Seeing what they have already put on paper will help them remember what is still missing.  They can refer back to notes and flashcards to complete the graphic organizer and then use the graphic organizer to write essays, make an outline or complete a chronological list.

If your children are a visual or kinesthetic learners, they will appreciate using graphic organizers even more.  If they are globlal thinkers, who learn by association, then you will see that their brains already think this way and you will not only help with tonight’s homework but with a strategy for learning that they will use well beyond their school years.