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Nazareth Revisited

It’s off to Israel in a few hours.  My daughter and I will fly back to celebrate the graduation of Bridging the Gap Class of 2008.  The program is now in its tenth year.  Did I think this day would come all those years ago when it was just me, ten students and a box of books? Now many of these students have families of their own, have gone on to university or are working and I am so blessed that our paths and lives crossed in the town of Nazareth, that we called home for 12 years.

It reminds me of the potential and the possibility that exist when we step out and try something new.  It takes courage, tenacity and trust.  Even if we’re shaking in our boots and are not sure of all that lies ahead, there is something so thrilling about taking a leap of faith!    We anticipate many scary things that never happen and we usually underestimate all the incredible things that could and do happen.  And so it is with BTG and my beloved students who made my last five years in Nazareth the very best they could be.  Congrats to the Class of ’08!!  To learn more about Bridging the Gap-the program for Arab American and expatriate students located in the Bishop Riah High School in Nazareth, Israel, visit