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Chronicle Your Journey in 2009

I began journaling when I was a junior in college.  It’s been over 26 years now and I’m still going strong!  My journals are a chronicle of my life from the early 80’s to the present and I have no intentions of stopping
till I can’t write anymore—maybe then I’ll keep an audio journal.


Here are a few tips that may help you (or your child) to start keeping a journal:


1. Don’t journal everyday (unless you absolutely want to). If I knew I HAD to journal everyday—I wouldn’t have lasted a week.  Knowing my journal is there to receive my thoughts and musings when I want it to means it’s never hanging over my head like an undone task.
2. Be honest.  It helps bring clarity. As scary as it may seem, putting your you are at this moment you can get perspective on your situation. When I look back and see where I’ve been and how I’ve grown, I’m encouraged by the changes that have taken place in my life.
3. Find out who you are.  Being self-aware is a great thing. You learn why and how you think and do things, what you may have inherited from the past and what you may be passing onto the future. As you record your ambitions and aspirations, your disappointments and setbacks, you learn how you handle adversity and what you learn from it.  I wanted to move the Middle East and I did. I wanted to start my own business and I did.  That journey is recorded in my journals and I can see the patterns in my life as I approach challenges and embrace dreams.
4. Leave a legacy.  I have been writing since my early twenties, so my kids will have the journey of my life from a young adult.  They will be able to follow my story from college, early career, my move overseas, life in the Middle East and back again. They will see how I prayed through my fears, worked through my decisions and discovered the person that I am and the reason I am here.


Do you want to write down a family story, a journey through a tough time, your goals, hopes and dreams?
Then a journal is a place to do it and it will tell your story long after you are gone.


Journaling is a great way for children to learn how to express their thoughts and feelings.  Many of our kids
do that today through MySpace or in a blogpost, but some may still prefer to write in a journal. 


Helping them to record their long and short term goals gives them a sense of direction and purpose.   A new year lays ahead full of hope and possibility; potential and opportunity.  Why not write your 2009
journey down on paper in your journal.


Need help getting started–email me (donna@academicconnections tutoring.com) and I’ll send you tips, ideas and suggestions to get you going!  All the best for an awesome year ahead–Happy 2009!!!