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Building Bridges to your Gen Y Kids–Part 1

What did you think of technology when you were growing up? I thought we’d be like the Jetsons by now.  Well, George Jetson had nothing on us.  We are watching technology advance at a rate that is unprecedented in history.  Here’s what this means for us as parents: 

Tip #1: There’s No Turning Back 

  • We are not returning to the olden days–technology is here and on the rise. What’s the biggest concern for your child as technology advances at warp speed?
  • We now research everything on the Internet and not in an encyclopedia. Do you use the internet to look things up or do you still use traditional methods? Or do you Google it? How do your kids find out the information they need?
  • We need to be willing to embrace change, abandon fear and help prepare our kids for the future. Do you feel that you are encouraging your kids in technology or are you a deterrent and hindrance for them in this area?

Tip # 2: Know your Child’s Learning Style

  • Do you know the type of learner your child is? Auditory, visual or kinesthetic. How are you encouraging your child to express themselves by embracing their learning style through the use of technology

Tip #3: Use the Tools of the Trade

  • Kids are using technology socially as they interact with friends but those same tools can be used academically. How are they keeping track of assignments, projects, test and quizzes? Maybe it would be easier for them to do on their cell phone then in their day planner. Maybe they would respond more readily to email reminders than to things they have written down on paper.

The world is changing at a pace faster than we can keep up with it.  Our kids are learning in an environment rich with technology.  We as their parents need to do what we can to keep pace with what they’re learning.  At the same time, we need to help them stay connected in real time and prepare them for a world that will require both sets of skills.

Download the report to learn more about Gen Y Kids.  With you on the information super highway to your child’s academic success!