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Welcome to the first blog post of Academic Connections Tutoring–more easily referred to as ACT!  I’m Donna Duffy.  Along with my business partner, Pat Howes, we do our best to help parents finding great tutors to help their children through their academic struggles, challenges and issues.  We also help tutors find great kids who need their expertise and help in getting back on track.  We offer one-on-one tutoring in the home or library in the Delaware and Maryland areas as well as online tutoring– from just about anywhere –that engages a child’s love of technology.  Things are going well and we are just about to celebrate our 2nd anniversary in business!

So here is where we’ll share our thoughts and concerns in the area of education and how to help our kids think, learn and succeed.  As moms and educators, we know the challenges that parents and their kids face.  We have certainly have had our share and know that we are among friends.  That is why it’s so important for us to connect with our tutoring and homeschooling families firsthand.  We want to answer your questions and concerns, help you make the best choices for your kids and point you in the direction that will best accommodate your child’s current educational needs.  We look forward to the journey together and trust that along the way we will learn from one another.