Daily Archives: January 17, 2009

Talking with our kids about what the future holds

     In a few days, our nation will write a new chapter into its history as we witness our first African-American president sworn into office.  It’s an exciting time, even as we face economic uncertainty and radical change.


     This is the perfect opportunity to engage our kids in a dialogue about this pivotal time.  Our teenagers will be soon be entering college and/or the job force.  What will they find there?  We are being called to a time of change–what will that mean for us and for them. 


     By discussing the local, national and international issues at hand, we can help kids as they shape and form opinions.  They need our input, feedback and critique.  They need to see us wrestle with challenges and respond with resilience and resourcefulness.  They need to see us step up along with others across the country to bring about the necessary changes that are required to get us back on track.


     Our kids may be scared as they hear the news that the “sky is falling” but we can help them stay positive and solution oriented.   We need to show them that the way forward is through and that we intend to go forward and to make the best of things.  Our kids are watching us–our actions, reactions and responses.  As we turn over the page to this new chapter, let’s offer hope and encouragement, guidance and counsel, as well as mentoring and modeling–all the things that make us parents and a vital and vibrant part of our society.