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Helping Your Kids Set Goals in a Nano Second World

5 Tips for Keeping Things in Real Time
By Donna Duffy

If your kids are like mine their concept of time has been skewed by our instant, internet, click- of-the-mouse culture. Ask when a school project is due and they reply, “Two weeks!”, like they have all the time in the world. Ask them to wait two minutes and they act like its forever.

Here are a few ideas that may help them keep things in perspective:

1. Connect daily to keep tabs on projects, activities and commitments.

2. Keep a central calendar as well as schedules visible and have your kids refer to them often. It will help them make the connection on how their time is spent and how much time they really have.

3. Put end dates and deadlines on the calendar for everything--DVD rentals, library books, projects and assignments, SAT exam dates, sports and other ex tra-curricular activities—so that nothing gets missed.

4. Give time checks along the way—one hour until we leave, 2 days until your science project is due, etc. It gives kids the reminder they need as they track toward their goals.

5. Encourage and praise any and all efforts in the areas of organization and time management by being their example as well as their cheerleader.

As we know too well, time stands still for no one—not even our kids. Helping them set short and long-term goals in a realistic timeframe will yield excellent benefits both now and in the future.

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