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How to Avoid Summer Brain Drain

By Donna Duffy

Students’ Summer Checklist:
• Rest and relax
• Spend time with friends
• Hang out at the beach
• Stay up late and sleep in
• Play video games and watch TV
• Forget much of what I learned at school this year

Summer Brain Drain — certainly no parent wants that to be part of his or her child’s summer checklist. But we know that the time away from school and studies can often mean the skills that took months to acquire can be lost over the summer break.

The first few weeks of the new school year will then be spent reviewing and recapping to get students prepared for the new material they have yet to learn. How can we help our kids avoid the loss that can occur during their summer vacation?

Here are five easy ways to help your kids keep the academic edge over the summer:

1. Keep them reading. Have plenty of books and magazine around that are exciting and interesting. If they have a summer reading list--get into the action! Talk about what they are reading, where the story takes place and what the characters are like.

2. Let them navigate, while you steer. If you are traveling this summer, get the kids involved. Mapping out the mileage, keeping track of expenditures and finding fun places to visit can be part of their assignment. Engage them in the process—you’ll help boost brain power now and instill skills they’ll need for later.

3. Give a child his dinner, feed him for the evening—teach a child to cook, feed him for his lifetime! You can bear the mess in the kitchen if you keep learning as your priority. Your child will need to use math, science and reading skills as well as follow directions. Real-life application will keep your child’s mind engaged and sharp.

4. Help your child learn how to manage money. Whether they get allowance for chores or work a part-time job, kids need to learn how to live in a real economy. Help them learn to budget their hard-earned dollars. Let them help you shop, give them a food budget and see if they can stay within it. Teach them how to find a bargain, use coupons, and hunt for sales. It will help them with their math skills n0w and make you breathe a bit easier when they head off to college.

5. Provide them with a tutor who helps them stay on track with educational review or enrichment. Carve an hour or two a few times a week to have a tutor work on areas that may have been challenging for your child during the school year. It will help them start the year with greater confidence.

Call Academic Connections Tutoring at 302-383-4325 and let us help your child cross summer brain drain off of the checklist!

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